The Congressional Black Caucus and its Caucus of Small Business Technology Association will hold a Call to Action at the White House on Thursday to “empower small-business ownership to move the economy forward.”

You can also get an on-the-record line from former Vice President Joe Biden on the phone with ABC News to answer their questions:

Biden: “We put everything in the cyber arena in the cyber strategy, the Obama-Clinton-Biden cybersecurity strategy. We have the policy where we have the Central Intelligence Agency at the local, the state, the local level, the federal level focused on cyber. We have no more policy about defense but much more on offense.”

Biden on the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election: “That was a debate that went on long past the time we were four years ago. And of course, at that time, when there was a direct hacking against the DNC, which they didn’t do. That’s over, because we didn’t get hacked.”

Biden on what he hopes to see next in relation to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: “The nation as a whole is going to learn a lot more about Russia, what happened, what went wrong there, what went right. And I’m hoping I have a chance to testify in that. And like I said in the last hour, America is not going to be consumed with any Russian matter because it’s a crime to act against our country. And the key thing to understand here, it’s not going to slow us down from being able to take out Russian nuclear weapons. It’s all three of those and it’s what we’re called to do.”

Biden on a potential agreement between the intelligence community and the president’s administration to review intelligence reports on Russian interference in the 2016 election: “President Trump looked at the report the Intelligence Community was doing and looked at it and looked forward to getting the report out. And I’ll be meeting with this president for the fourth time in a week. He is still working to see what his priority is, what issues are on his mind, if there are any in particular that he believes ought to be asked, and he clearly did not answer some of those questions as the investigation was being conducted.”

Biden on the difference between Trump and Putin: “They’re both wrong, of course. They’re both wrong in their interpretation of facts. And that’s what we need to take away. And I’m the president and that’s who I am. And so this is a good conversation to be having.”

Biden on whether the president’s tweets are just politics: “I don’t know if that’s right, but there’s a difference between the parody and the truth. And I’ve enjoyed watching politicians on TV and, I think, know what’s best for the country.”

Biden on meetings with the Russian foreign minister and the ambassador: “I think it’s important. I will give it a try. I’m not going to dictate how much or how long, and I don’t do that. I’ll see how it goes. But I think it would be helpful to have a meeting with all the ambassadors in the place we were. That I think is best, to start on building a relationship of common understanding between our two countries, and maybe go to the United Nations and not our friendship agreement the night before.”