A GUILTY heart attack of a woman who is victim of a horrific ordeal as a gang surrounded her car and robbed her of her cash.

The attack happened in West Hills, LA, at around 3am on Sunday (November 5) in what has now been dubbed a “midnight robbery”.

The victim was walking back from the Starbucks in a shopping centre at around 4am when she was accosted by three men who then held her at gunpoint while they stormed her car.

They kicked her to the ground and kicked her out of the window.

In the minutes before the police lockdown, one of the gang drove by and held up an individual at gunpoint.

Other gangs arrived 10 minutes after the robbery in carjacking another female victim before eventually driving off in another woman’s car.

In the video footage, the suspects are driving together and the last is behind the wheel.

Emergency services received a call on the scene at around 3am in which two people had been injured in the incident.

The first was a woman who had collapsed in front of the car as the robbers tried to drag her to the ground.

The second female victim was knocked to the ground by the robbers and punched.

There were two vehicles at the scene – a red Chevrolet Colorado and a black Mercedes.