In this episode of The Technology 202, NewsHour Weekend anchor Nancy Culver gives insight into a small new kind of politics in the fast lane of change in Silicon Valley.

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The new administration, led by former Vice President Joe Biden, is kicking off a relationship between the tech and economic worlds to recruit talented skilled workers away from other places like China and Mexico.

Find out how Silicon Valley is already flocking to the new Trump administration in this clip and check out the full episode of The Technology 202.

In partnership with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, the nonprofit organization will host The Technology 202 event series, where public and private leaders of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and top economic policy makers will share common themes about how technology is changing the world.

The importance of tech investing in education is also an important issue for Nancy Culver, who is a senior writer for Tech Insider.

“When we look at what’s happening around the world, education is of the greatest importance to that,” said Nancy Culver. “Because as much as we’re trying to get the most and best people into the best universities, we also have to look at the need for somebody who is going to benefit from a college education.”