SALT LAKE CITY — Election night was the first swing in our nation’s history in which a group called Americans Elect sided with a candidate for president.

A campaign of reformers who took political donations from foreign-owned companies and worked to unseat Hillary Clinton, Americans Elect was a leading voice in the progressive movement.

With the Election Night results, you may decide whether to join it.

From a practical standpoint, this means that the election’s result will be replicated on a national level, meaning it’s too early to focus on what election results or government shutdowns mean for your retirement. You can’t necessarily know that until after the election.

There is a special opportunity for government officials to raise money. Political donation laws focus on individuals rather than corporations, so a big hit to a business person or corporation could ripple throughout the financial markets.

It could lead the IRS to take another look at an individual’s political donations. This will have impact on retirement plans, tax returns and how you work to make that money grow.

Reformers wanted a government willing to get tougher with a large number of businessmen and corporations. As a nation, we sent a message in 2016: do not do business with us.

Americans Elect members voted for the independent presidential primary race, which Hillary Clinton won in February.

During the Democratic primary, the senators from Vermont and South Dakota — Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — both appeared in ads to advance their arguments to voters about why they opposed American foreign policy.

The candidates endorsed Social Security privatization, not the rich tax cuts they advocated as Clinton, Sanders and Warren.

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